Power pack Single-acting 24V

( €706.32 )

24V DC single-acting hydraulic power pack with 4 L. oil tank.

Oil flow: 6,8 L/min. Max. pressure: 180 bar.

Model: MPP-32
Weight: 18

Standard setup - can not be changed.

24V DC power unit.

3,15 cc/rev gear pump.

2800 rpm.

2,2 kW 24V DC electric motor with relay and plastic motor cover.

4 Litre metal tank.

Horizontal mounting

Max. pressure: 180 bar.

Max flow 6,8 L/min.

Adjustable flow control for cylinder decent control.

Port size: 3/8" BSP.

2 Button detachable pendant on a 2,6 metre lead.

Suitable for all single-acting applications.